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Coming Soon !!


PHOGE is a community based token with the purpose of promoting the DeFi space as well as the Polygon network. Our token is a deflationary cryptocurrency with a limited supply. We believe in going back to the basics as such we have implemented a simple, yet powerful tokenomic structure. We believe in rewarding diamond hands and as such have 2% redistribution for every transaction that happens. So what happens when whales come in and try to spoil the fun? We burn em down! PHOGE has a 2% burn which will leave a deep impact on whales and will raise the price floor. This will help our real believers to gain a price margin over paper hands.As more and more transactions flow in and out, the token becomes more scarce and will benefit the long term HODLERs. Wen Lambo you ask?


Send funds from Ethereum to the Polygon network with the Matic bridge
Make sure you have MetaMask installed as an extension on your browser with some Ethereum (ETH) on it. Go to the Matic Wallet and approve connecting it to your MetaMask. Now click “Move Funds to Matic.” Move any amount you desire to Polygon. Should take 7-10 minutes to process. And once that goes through, you’re set. You can now do near-instantaneous transactions on Polygon for a fraction of a penny.
Visit QuickSwap
To connect to Polygon on Quickswap, all you have to do is click “Switch to Matic” in the top right corner! Next, click on the trading link. You will need 0.001 MATIC for the first swap transaction.
Get Some $PHOGE
Swap for PHoge and get it instantly. Basically no fee. Much to buy. Very easy !!


  • Building the PHOGE Team

  • Build an engaging and organic community
  • Find voice chat moderators and build engagements with the community
  • Non-stop meme generation
  • Multiple exchange listings in coinsniper, coinmarketcap and coingecko
  • Quickchart ads promoting $PHOGE
  • Giving back to the community

  • Build a more engaging and organic community
  • Multiple AMA’s
  • Branded merchandise store integration with the website
  • $PHOGE board game : Basics on trading
  • $PHOGE comics : Following the path of Rich Dad Poor Dad
  • $PHOGE quiz : A quiz game within the community with a prize pool of $5000 worth of $PHOGE
  • Saviour of Dogs, $PHOGE

  • Build an even more engaging and organic community
  • Donations to dog rescues and dog shelters (Potential collaborations with Dogstar foundation and Four Paws International)
  • Opening an online adoption portal where users can adopt homeless pets
  • Breaking all barriers

  • Build a superior engaging and organic community
  • Worldwide projects on animal welfare
  • Global brand partnerships with popular dog brands
  • Funding for future research of natural dog products against Harmful chemicals substitutes potential partnership with Hollywood Feed University

You asked, we answered


PHOGE is not just any meme coin. Phoge is an ambitious project to execute three major goals:

1. Provide financial education through comics
2. Dog rescue
3. Educate regarding ill effects of commonly used dog food.

Normally available books on financial education are too boring and complicated for the current young generation to grasp and hold on to.

Nevertheless, the need to have basic financial education from childhood is a necessity these days. Therefore, we intend to reveal the hidden truths about the financial world and their involved politics; facts that the government doesn't want you to know via the PHOGE Comics. The next generation should come out smart reading comics that reveal the true essence of the modern world rather than fictitious superheroes. Our contents are like books of Robert Kiyosaki, Napoleon Hill and Dale Carnegie.

In several countries, mainly third world countries, the current laws do not protect dogs from abuse or neglect. As a result when there are more dogs than shelters, suffering follows. Unwanted dogs are left to roam around as strays on streets making an endemic threat of rabies.

PHOGE FINANCE is here to transform and promise the present and future for stray dogs and homeless pets around the world. Taking one step at a time you can change the condition of a whole street or town. Moreover, through community led education we can create a generation of animal-loving guardians.

We want to implement a system where you can use your $PHOGE to sponsor homeless dogs around the world by providing financial aids to organizations like dog shelters and dog shelters. Our mission is to develop a long term solution to the negative factors that impact the living conditions of dogs and other strays by finding them better living solutions .

We would be collaborating with Dogstar foundation and FOUR PAWS International - Animal Welfare Organisation to bring out plans into actions

BHA (butylated hydroxyanisole) and BHT (butylated hydroxytoluene) are two of the most common artificial preservatives used in DOG FOOD. The World Health Organization has identified BHA as a possible carcinogen (cancer-causing agent), via lab tests conducted on laboratory animals. They are used as a synthetic version of Vitamin E.

Ethoxyquin, yet another synthetic chemical used in Dog Foods, has been linked to cancer and is commonly used in pesticides as well as a hardening agent in manufacturing synthetic rubber. Ethoxyquin has been banned in Australia and the European Union but is still allowed to be used in pet foods in the United States. The FDA has received numerous reports from pet owners who think Ethoxyquin has led to medical issues in their pets, such as allergic reactions, cancer, and organ failure.

Propylene glycol is used in antifreeze. It is used in semi-soft kibble as a preservative to help stabilize the sugar and water and keep bacteria away.

Tertiary butylhydroquinone (TBHQ) is a form of butane and used to make resins and varnish which are found in dog foods and so is Sodium metabisulphite which is a bleaching agent.

Propyl gallate can cause stomach and skin irritation, kidney and liver problems, allergic reactions that affect breathing, and has been shown to be a possible carcinogen in laboratory rats.

Some of these artificial preservatives are known carcinogens. Some are banned for human consumption in the United States but still allowed in our pet food. Some are banned completely in other countries but still used in the United States.

PHOGE will be collaborating with Hollywood Feed University on researching and promoting natural preservatives and to put a stop on these synthetic chemicals.

Think about what you are feeding to your dogs. Read food labels carefully and think about the cumulative effects of them when your dog eats that same food every day.

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